National Convention of Namo Sena India (India)

NATIONAL CONFERENCE of Namo Sena India (Bharat) took place in Aravalli Golf Club on where members of NSI(B) were present from 12 States of India. In this programme, Sri Somnath Bose, Grand nephew of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, was elected uncontested as Rastriya Adhyaksh for the third time. Also a new NATIONAL Committee was formed & many new Pradesh Adhyakshs were named. Sri Anil Sharma was made the Pradesh Adhyash of Haryana, who is a a Social & Environmental Worker l


His attachment in Eco-friendly Work is known to Faridabad from “Pashu, Pakshi aur Paryavaran”. On 19.03.23, the Pradesh Committee Baithak took place in Aravalli Golf Club between Rastriya Karyakartas & Pradesh Karyakartas of NSIB. This Organisation, NSI(B), also took the oath of making Narendra Modi Prime Minister again in coming Lok Sabha election in 2024 with a huge margin.

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